An in-depth instructional course teaching you everything you need to know to make dipping caramel apples a breeze.

You will receive:

  • An in depth, illustrated 26 page written PDF (also highly entertaining!)
  • 8 instructional hands on video lessons.
  • Links to all my favorite products. 
  • And the inside scoop, based on years and years of experience, to get you off the ground in a hurry!

Store bought apples rarely live up to expectations, let along their exorbitant price tag.This course is filled to the brim with everything you need to know to make your apples the prettiest apples of all the apples!

You will learn how to:

  • Source the best performing supplies (and not waste your time with items that don't work well.)
  • Have the best dipping technique.
  • And get a head start with all the best topping combinations that will leave your apple eaters, dazzled!

How it All Started

Hello there! I’m Liza: mom to five, wife to one and caramel apple dipper extraordinaire. 

My love of caramel apples started twelve years ago in the tiny kitchen of my tiny home with one then tiny daughter. I taught myself (and this was pre-Pinterest, people) how to dip these sticky, delicious morsels and gradually honed the craft to perfection. Every autumn, people craved the chocolate-covered, candy-coated goodness. And I delivered. Door to door with my oldest, Mia, we loaded our wagon with tasty treats for friends and family. 

Fast-forward to 2015 when our twin boys were born and life got busy. Truth time: kids are expensive, and five children are five times more expensive. I knew there had to be a way to pay for everyone’s gymnastic lessons and soccer practice without selling my kidneys, and the idea of selling caramel apples came to mind. Working alongside my children, I could create a business that would teach my family the value of hard work while also providing extra needed income. Bada bing, bada boom! Dipped by Liza Jane was born.

When I commit, I go all in, and my days are now packed with dipping huge batches of apples or pretzels for corporate events, storefronts, and the cutest fall pumpkin patches. When possible, I also hold “open dips,” during which anyone local can order my confections for local pickup. I wish I could make my treats for everyone, but I’m only one person. So instead, let me teach you all of my best tips and tricks to whip up your own gourmet apples!

So, let’s be friends! From a socially responsible distance, because COVID, hairdressing, and a gaggle of children tend to keep this woman real busy. But hey, you’ve only got one life: make it a sweet one. 

From My Happy Apple Friends

“I love dipping apples with my mom! It’s hard work and takes time to learn, but she’s so good at it and teaches us all her tricks.” – Samantha (Liza’s daughter, age 11)

“Dipping apples with my kids is a lot more fun than I expected!  Liza made this easy enough for my kids to understand, and they anticipation of cutting into the apples they each made was beautiful ♥️”  -Courtney